–  At first sight, it could be imagined that the special circular shape of the Glaverbel Building
was just a flight of fancy, and purely an intention to create something original.

This is far from the truth, as the choice came from a careful analysis of the needs of the company at the time.

The original plans, delivered in March 1964 by four renowned architects of the day: Renaat Braem, Pierre Guillissen, André Jacqmain, and Victor Mulpas, suggested the crown design. It created a space that was both functional and flexible, allowing the different services of the Glaverbel company - the original owner and user of the building - to work easily together, encouraging informal meeting and cutting down on long walks for essential services.

As is so often the way, it was also the best ecological solution, fitting the contours of the site perfectly, and matching the residential nature of the area. A major bonus was that it also left much of the trees and plants untouched and in place.

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