–  Of course, facts and figures do tell a good story: the outer diameter of the building is 115 m, while the inner circle is 75 m.

The building boasts 31,175 sq m office space, ample archives and enough room to accommodate 463 cars, most of which are located in the two underground parking levels, providing tenants with an excellent parking ratio. Amazingly - but not surprisingly given the origins of the original owner and occupier - 67% of the external surface area is glass. But what is most interesting is that after more than 40 years of occupation (the building was officially inaugurated in October 1967), it is still one of the most iconic office buildings of the country. It has become a classic of modern architecture with more than 16 companies electing to have their offices there.
Its heart still beats, now more than ever that the central gardens have been opened for the first time. The building is unique and special, and that's why it's important to make it even better. There's new signage, new facilities (carwash and dry cleaning service) and a refreshing look at the needs and desires of the current occupants.

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